Create your own Numbers Station and send encrypted messages to your friends!
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Create the codebook and give it to your friends. Without the codebook, absolutely nobody can decode your broadcasts.
Create a broadcast! Your friends can even subscribe to your station with a podcast app and be notified when new broadcasts arrive.

Here's an example broadcast that says "yo dude":

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What's A Numbers Station?
Numbers stations are powerful mysterious shortwave radio stations which transmit encrypted messages around the world. Their broadcasts tend to feature a pre-recorded voice reciting numbers over and over. While nobody knows what the stations are saying, it is surmised that they are used by governments to send encrypted messages to spies abroad. The stations are often given fun names by fans, such as "Cherry Ripe" and "The Lincolnshire Poacher" which are named for the songs that play before the numbers.

Octagon 8 encrypts its messages using a technique called the "One Time Pad". This technique is the first encryption method that is provably unbreakable when used correctly.

What Is She Saying?
Different numbers stations have different formats. The broadcasts generated by Octagon 8 follow a specific format:
  1. "Octagon" - All broadcasts begin with the word "Octagon" spoken three times. This allows the user to identify the broadcastas coming from the Octagon 8 system.
  2. The next number identifies which page to use from the code book.
  3. The rest of the numbers contain the encoded broadcast.
Who made this?
This site was made by Gabriel Taubman.
This site is purely for fans of number stations. As far as I know the encryption should be reasonably okay, but do not use this for anything that requires actual encryption!